Our company was established in the early 1960’s as JR Industries in Oak Lawn, Illinois. By 1975, Camco Manufacturing became the new company name, and moved away from producing musical instrument components to manufacturing screw machine products for customers nationwide. In 2013, Camco Manufacturing was acquired by Camshop Industrial LLC, a family company, and brought new capabilities with CNC machines and the use of Lean manufacturing principles for high-mix low-volume (HMLV) companies.

Now located in Crestwood, Illinois, our 6,000 sq. ft facility is a flexible machine shop which produces a high range of parts, with the capacity to manufacture batches as low as 20 pieces, to more than 100,000. As an industry leader in Precision Machine Products, Camco Manufacturing has more than 90 years of combined team member machining experience, and this vast knowledge has allowed us to provide many custom projects with companies in dozens of industries -- collaborating with customers across the country, including Fortune 500 companies.

At Camco, quality control is the heart of our business and we strive to meet all required project specifications. We seek partnerships with our customers, providing them with the best options in design, and cost. Tapping into our vast network of suppliers means we have services such as heat treat, plating, passivation, and precision grinding.

Camco Manufacturing is adaptable and versatile in meeting our customer needs – even maintaining quick lead times on custom products, typically ranging from two to five weeks. We are committed to providing the best customer service in the industry, and will work with you to make the right product at the right price. Camco also offers reverse engineering services, along with prototyping services. Our team can work anything from hand drawn sketches to CAD designs in order to accomplish customers’ project goals.


Camco Manufacturing success comes from giving customers quality parts at a competitive price while meeting delivery expectations.